Foreningen - Horse breeds originating in Denmark


Horses are spectacular creatures that stand out for their intelligence and gentle temperament. They possess an air of incomparable majesty, and like many other living creatures, they have unique features that make them very special. Discover some of the most amazing breeds that have emerged from the fascinating country of Denmark.

Incredible creatures that stand out for their magnificence

Denmark is a small nation which is considered as a peaceful destination. Most of its inhabitants live in the capital, Copenhagen. Getting to know its magnificent landscapes is not a problem. It has a good network of freeways, a splendid public transport service and a good number of ferries that communicate the islands of this country.

One of its most remarkable characteristics is that impressive breeds of horses have emerged from this country. The most well-known is the Knabstrup, which has its origin in the 19th century. It is very famous for its performances in circuses.

During the Napoleonic wars, one of the officers of Spanish troops left a mare with a coat completely covered with spots. At first it was used to work pulling the butcher cart. However, soon it was discovered by Commander Villars Lunn, an expert breeder of horses who was impressed by its energy and speed.

He did not hesitate to buy it and house it in his stable called Knabsbrup. By crossing her with a Frederiksborg, he created a new breed. The resulting foal had a clear coat, metallic sheen and abundant spots.

Knabsbrup horses are characterized for being tame and resilient. These qualities make them ideal for horseback riding in general.

Spectacular horses with exceptional features

The Danish Shooting Horse is an equine breed that comes from the Jutland region. During the middle Ages, this creature was widely used as a fighting horse. His agility and muscular constitution made it ideal for carrying heavy knight armors.

It has a balanced and docile temperament and a remarkable strength, qualities that make it ideal for horseback riding and agricultural tasks.