Hesten - Horseback riding in Denmark


Denmark stands out for having the most breathtaking landscapes where you can completely disconnect of the frenzy of daily life. Additionally, this country allows you to take advantage of horseback riding to explore its most captivating territories while you enjoy the sceneries.

The emergence of first Danish breeds

Horseback riding is a very complete sport. It helps you to strengthen your muscles and heart. Additionally, it can provide you a wide variety of psychological and emotional benefits. For that reason, many expert breeders decided to invest their time and efforts in order to enhance the best features of Danish horses.

In 1962 they decided to systematically develop a modern horse suitable for equestrian sports. With this purpose in mind, they decided to import the most spectacular creatures from countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

In this way, these experts were able to produce Danish breeds of international success both for horseback riding and for military uses.

Explore the most magical landscapes during your stay at Denmark

Horseback riding allows you to stay in shape. However, it also helps you to create a connection with a living being and nature while you explore beautiful landscapes like those that can be found on Denmark. Many experts agree that this practice has multiple benefits, both physical and psychological.

This sport generates unique sensations that are forever stored in the memory of those who practice it. Such feelings encourage you to overcome your fears and gain self confidence. Horses sometimes are unpredictable. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to control every situation with serenity and rationality.

You will find it very useful in your daily activities since you will be able to face stressful situations with much more equanimity. In addition, horseback riding requires discipline and concentration. As a result, it also contributes to improve your mental skills.

In Denmark you will find qualified instructors that will teach you the right posture, correct gestures and appropriate attitudes to practice this sport safely.